Monday, November 5, 2012

George, Almighty

Awhile ago I purchased a small haul of A England "The Legend" polishes off the wonderful Llarowe. "St. George" sincerely blew my mind. Fortunately it was sunny out while taking these photos to do it justice!

"St. George" is named after the patron saint who famously slew a dragon. There are many versions of this story, but a general consensus is he slew the dragon to save a town's princess. This is one of my favorite stories to analyze in art history. A England does the Legend justice. "St. George" is a deep holographic green, sometimes leaning toward teal in different lighting. When indoors the holo doesn't dance but the polish is still eye-catching. The formula is superb - I only needed one coat. Just look at this beauty, it slays me (get it?):

I owe many thanks to this polish for its photogenic quality. There are other A Englands waiting to be tried but so far this is tied as my favorite with "Dragon". Anyone else have a favorite A England?

I hope you enjoy the sexiness that is St. George! Be sure to check out one of my favorite artist's (Northern Renaissance artist Jan van Eyck) inclusion of Saint George in his masterpiece, Madonna with Canon George van der Paele (1436). Van Eyck was the master of detail - I recommend zooming in on this particular piece. Okay, enough of my rambling. Enjoy! :)

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